Line Production Turkey-Istanbul

Line Production Turkey

Line Production Turkey

Line Production TurkeyLine Production Turkey

Line Production Turkey;

Hello fellas.

Firsty, you can see our last videos, jobs, or movies in here

Do you need a local company in Istanbul that can easly execute your film, ad or video production.

meyfilm has a crew that already in job making Arka Sokaklar Tv Series. We have already done 6 feature film in Turkey.

We have 17 years of experience in Film Industry. This is meyfilm based Kadikoy, Istanbul.

Here are our last jobs from different production categories:

Feature Film Productions

Short Films Productions 

Documentry Productions

Music Videos | Music Video Production

Advertorial Productions

Ad Movie| Film Productions

Animation Productions

Professional Photo Shoot Productions


What is Line Production?

Firstly, let’ talk about what is the meaning of line production ?

What is Line Production?

In the film industry, line production refers to the process of organizing and managing the logistical aspects of a film production that takes place in a specific location or country. This can include coordinating the hiring of local crew and cast, finding the right shooting cameras, lights or vehicles, securing necessary permits and insurance, arranging for transportation and accommodation for the production team, and managing the budget for the local portion of the production.

Line producers often work closely with the film’s producer and production manager (that means executive producer) to ensure that the local production runs smoothly and stays on schedule and budget. They may also be responsible for coordinating with local authorities, vendors, and other stakeholders to facilitate the production process. Line production is a crucial aspect of international film productions, as it helps to ensure that the necessary resources and support are in place to allow the film to be made efficiently and successfully.

If you need more informations about the line production :

Line Production in Turkey

Line Production means that we the guys from Turkey gonna help you the finish the video or film production.

Line production in Turkey can offer a number of benefits to film and television producers, including access to a skilled and experienced local crew, competitive pricing, and a range of diverse and attractive locations. The country has a long history of film production and has played host to a number of high-profile international productions in recent years.

Line Production Istanbul

If you need a Istanbul Video Production you can contact us, don’t hesisate use our;

E- mail:,

Mobile Phone: +90 505 851 3051,

General: +90 216 629 1932,

or use our whatsapp from main page.

If you need a camera, a post office, an office to meet and work, crew, cast you can contact us.

There is no need to say to you, if you have a video job in Turkey, you need to contact the meyfilm 🙂

See ya!


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