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How can we help you?

You have a film or video production and you want to do it in Turkey?

We have 17 years of experience in Film Industry. This is meyfilm based Kadıkoy, Istanbul.

As Meyfilm Film Production, we have produced and continue to produce;

Music Video Production- Istanbul Video Production

Music Video Production

Hey Fellas,


First of all have a nice day!

Then let’s talk about business.

Who are we?

This is Mehmet Emin Yıldırım, producer, director and script writer and the owner of the Meyfilm Film Production.

As Meyfilm Film Production, we have produced and continue to produce nearly 400 corporate, promotional films, 10-20 ads, commercials, music videos with more than 50 million views, 10 short films, 6 feature films, education and viral films.

You Need Music Videos?

Creating music videos are hard. Cos first of all, a director or clip supervisor has to understand the music. This means, he/she has to catch the music. The rhythm, the soul, the consept, the lyrics.

So, first thing first;

  1. The Song: Send the music. (Mp3, Wav, Demo; Not yet finished file)
  2. The Listening: We gonna listen it and we gonna find the the correct music director from our team.
  3. The Story: A page for the story of action.
  4. The Pre Production: Cameras, actors, actress, dancers, locations, crew gonna be ready!
  5. The Production: Shooot!
  6. The Post Production: Editing, color correction and grading, revisions.
  7. The Sharing: Done.

Pls send us your music first, then we can decide the price packet.

Sample Music Videos


There are several companies whose making films in Turkey. meyfilm is one of them.

Our difference is experience of making feature films. Taste of art dripping on all our film productions.

So film making is an art for us, not only a job.

Some important companies we able to work:

Vodafone, Samsung Wisenet, Arena Computer, Acıbadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul University, A46 Organization, Na-De Electronics, Kattenbeck Facility Services, Istanbul Investments…


klip-çekimi-direncWe are making feature films, short films and documentaries, promotion films, commercials, virals, animated films. 


Also Line Production Turkey is easy with meyfilm Film Production.

Music video production is making art, love. Every song has unique story, voice, music so music video director or a procution company has to look every song differently.

Music videos, mean music video production needs filmer’s look, talent, experience of film making. 

We have several music video directors in our company. When the finished music comes to us, we are selecting the right director for it, cos every director has own style.

Choosing music video production company is choosing  the destiny.

We are film makers and our routine job is making feature films. Our founder Mehmet Emin Yıldırım shot 3 feature films and 5 short films, approximately 200 commercial films. Feature films named Adam (The Man), Donkişot and Şair (The Poet). These films are accepted several film festivals, like Cannes, Dawn Breakers, Akbank Film Festival. The Poet is now traveling around different film festivals.

Video Production; Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries :

Video Production; Promotion Films, Advertorials and Commercials:

Video Production; Animated Commercial Films: